Jul 05, 2012 - Chemical Countermeasure

Terapio is also commercializing TPO-7630 as a chemical countermeasure to treat exposure to mustard compounds, an area where again, no therapy is currently available. Similar to the radiation countermeasure application, additional RLIP76 protein is used to augment the cell’s capacity to deal with mustard exposure. However, in addition to the normal mechanism of action of enhancing the efflux of glutathione bound to 4HNE, RLIP76 also transports glutathione that has bound directly to mustard in the cell. TPO-7630 is being developed as a therapeutic to be given after (mitigator) chemical exposure to treat civilian, military and first responder populations.

Additional RLIP76 protein protects the cell from chemical exposure.




means therapy in Esperanto, an international, constructed language introduced by Dr. L.L. Zamenhof in 1887.