Feb 27, 2014 - RLIP76-PL Shown to Effectively Treat Animals Exposed to Lethal Levels of Radiation

Austin, Texas, January 28, 2013 — Terapio Corporation, a biopharmaceutical company developing RLIP76-PL for treating central nervous system injuries and for national defense, announced the successful results of a nonclinical efficacy study that tested RLIP76-PL in an animal model for Acute Radiation Syndrome. The study was sponsored as part of the Product Development Program of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). As numerous Terapio studies had previously demonstrated improved survival with RLIP76-PL, either prior to irradiation or even 24 hours after radiation exposure, NIAID evaluated efficacy in an independent study at Indiana University. In addition to verifying efficacy when the drug was first administered 24 hours after irradiation, the study included testing three escalating levels of radiation.

The study demonstrated that RLIP76-PL, when administered 24 hours after exposure, significantly increased survival compared to controls. In this study, NIAID reported that the improvement of overall survival of mice was statistically significant compared to survival of untreated controls. In addition, the mean survival time in treated mice was significantly increased. “We are very excited about the results of this independent study and look forward to collaborating with NIAID on future studies,” said Dr. Curt Bilby, President and CEO of Terapio. NIAID next plans to investigate the potential for lyophilized RLIP76-PL to provide significant protection when the first dose is delayed until 36 hours after exposure. It is important to understand the performance of RLIP76-PL in the event of an extended delay of administration because in an actual radiation disaster timely access to patients may be difficult.

About Terapio Corporation

Terapio is a biopharmaceutical company developing therapeutics based on the RLIP76 protein. Initial indications include developing the RLIP76 protein as a medical countermeasure for radiation exposure and chemical threats to civilian, military, and first responder populations faced with emergencies from terrorist acts or industrial accidents. Terapio is also developing the protein for central nervous system indications such as recovery from traumatic brain injury and stroke. The RLIP76 protein primarily works though the oxidative stress pathway and provides benefit as both a prophylactic and post-event treatment. Terapio’s key innovation was the discovery that RLIP76 protein could be administered exogenously when encapsulated in liposomes and could reach many of the body’s organs quickly, increasing cellular transport capacity  in those organs, allowing them to  better eliminate toxins associated with oxidative stress,  a critical aspect of recovering from traumatic brain injury and stroke.

About Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS)

ARS, or radiation sickness, is an acute illness caused by exposure of all or part of the body to a high dose of radiation in a very short period of time. The dose and length of exposure determines the extent of organ systems affected and ultimately, the potential lethality threat to the patient. The hematopoietic (bone marrow) syndrome of ARS will occur at lower radiation doses and while some cases may recover, there is a greater risk of death without treatment as the radiation dose level increases. The primary cause of death is the destruction of the bone marrow, resulting in infection and hemorrhage. Higher dose result in damage to the gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system where mortality is almost always 100% in these cases.

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